Welcome To Bethany Past Students Association

Welcome To Bethany Past Students Association

Meet Our Founding Members

The Bethany Past Students Association was founded in February 2016. Pictured are our founding members:

  • Mr. Ansell Williams

  • Dr. Sonia Hylton, Pharm.D.

  • Ms. Angella Allen

  • Mr. Michael Clarke

  • Mrs. Michael Clarke

  • Mrs. Christine Ramsay

  • Mr. Albert Lewis

  • Ms. Cynthia Dwyer

Bethany Past Students Association assists teachers and the Bethany community to prepare students for a productive future, thus impacting the country and the world.

Our Officers

  • President: Mr. Ansell Williams – NY
  • Vice President: Dr. Sonia Hylton, Pharm.D – FL
  • Events Coordinator: Mrs. Arleen Allen – NY
  • Senior Director: Mr. Oswald Dixon,
  • Stakeholder & Pres. Rachael Dixon Memorial – Foundation – FL
  • Director: Mrs. Julie Minto, VP, Jamaica Women of Florida – FL

Our Vision

The Bethany Past Students Association is a dynamic organization that is recognized as a valuable resource by the Bethany community, Manchester Jamaica

Our Mission

The mission of Bethany Past Students’ Association, USA Inc. is to collaborate with Bethany Primary School, Manchester, Jamaica and the community to maintain academic excellence and strive for greater achievements.

Our Members

  • Ms. Sandra Stewart – NY
  • Mrs. Kerene Stewart – OH
  • Ms. Oral Forrester – MO
  • Ms. Cynthia Dwyer – FL
  • Ms. Paulette Smith – FL
  • Ms. Norma Gowdie – MD
  • Ms. Viola Whyte – Fl
  • Ms. Beverly Gowdie
  • Ms. Claudette Bartley – GA
  • Ms. Velma Llewlyn – NY

Our Story

How We Got Started

Although we are no longer living in Jamaica, we are still devoted to our homeland; not only at the national level but also at the level of the communities. A group of us in February 2016 saw where our Alma Mater needed assistance in preparing the students for a rapidly changing world. We created the Bethany Past Students Association, USA, Inc. to be the vehicle to respond to this need. We partner not only with the school, but also with the community to prepare the students for a productive future.

Become a BPSA MEMBER Today

If you are a past student or relative of a past student of Bethany Primary School (Manchester, Jamaica) consider becoming a member of the Association or making a contribution as a stakeholder.


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Empowering Lives & Building Our Community Since 2016

$ Raised

Scholarships awarded


We've Raised over $5,000 

You Can Help Our Children At Bethany Primary School - Manchester, Jamaica!

Each year we award first year scholarships for varying amounts to the graduating glass class. We award about 15 scholarships each year. That is over 45 scholarships to date!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Are you a past student or a relative of past student? We would love for you to join us! Consider becoming a member or stakeholder in our association.

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